Product Overview

DELI Line of Containers

The DELI Line is our most aggressively priced container line.
We believe that our high level of quality and service, combined
with competitive price levels, set us apart from other
manufacturers who offer a similar style package. These
benefits truly make DELI Line containers a cost-effective choice.

Tamper evidence can be achieved by our popular “Tamper Evident” lids,
or by using shrink bands or film seals. Flat or recessed lids are also an available option.

The DELI Line is currently being used for products such as: Guacamole, Salsas, Salads, Dips, Spreads, Soups, Sauces, etc. Sizes range from 7 oz. to 48 oz. capacities. Currently available are over 11 sizes in Clear Polypropylene and four sizes in White or Natural High Density Polyethylene.

Lids & Overcaps

Our closure lids and overcaps, which come in all
accompanying sizes, are for use with all of our
containers as well as in combination with most
aluminum, steel, and composite cans.

Our popular “Tamper Evident” lid model, for use with
our DELI Line of Containers, features an innovative
tear-away strip that provides clearly visible evidence of
product tampering, while remaining user-friendly for the consumer.

LP Series Lids are available in White or Natural Linear Low Density Polyethylene,
as well as Custom Colors. PPF Polypropylene model lids are available in White or Clear.

SEAL-TOP® Line of Containers

Our exclusive SEAL-TOP® Design incorporates the application
of an easy-open aluminum or steel end that, once applied,
provides a high degree of tamper resistance, as well as
a liquid and air tight seal at the seam.

The SEAL-TOP® line is capable of running on manual,
semi-automatic, and high speed canning equipment.
This design requires the usage of can seaming
equipment, which is necessary in order to achieve a
hermetic seal.

The SEAL-TOP® line is currently being used for products such as: 
Fresh Shucked Oysters, Crabmeat (Pasteurized, Fresh, and Frozen), Lobster Meat,
Soups, Sauces, etc. All sizes are available in either Clear or Natural, depending on the item.

TAMP-R-SAF® Line of Containers

Our unique TAMP-R-SAF® Design incorporates a tamper evident system built
directly into the container. Once the lid is applied, simply break the two
"break-away” tabs to gain access to the contents of the
container. A broken tab provides visual evidence of a
tampered package

Special Use Line of Containers

King Plastics features two different versions of our “Special Use”
110 oz. capacity containers; one that is used with a “603”
model lid, and one that is used with a “604” model lid.

We manufacture flat lids for both models, and we also offer a
unique "KP” extra tight fitting lid for the “603” model, designed
specifically to maintain a secure and reliable seal for specialized


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